5 Ways to contend Your Dressage Pony At Any Level

It’s late spring (At last!), and heaps of you are preparing to contend your dressage horse. So I need give you some rivalry tips to assist you with having the most ideal experience. Before I begin with the genuine tests, I need to simply discuss test riding since there’s a ton of things that all the dressage tests share practically speaking.

1. Remember YOUR TEST

The principal thing is that you really want to realize your travtips dressage test. I mean Truly know it. Despite the fact that the Preparation through fourth level dressage tests, can be recited without holding back, you must truly know your test. This is basic so your test doesn’t seem to be a lot of developments hung together. That way you can utilize the peruser assuming you sporadically clear out. However, generally, you won’t actually be paying attention to the peruser on the grounds that you’ll be focusing on your pony.

You want to have the option to do the test on autopilot, so you can save all of your concentration for riding your pony. You need to ride your pony not focusing on what comes next in the example. To assist you with doing this, begin retaining your test from the get-go. I have 3 unique ways that I remember tests.

1. Representation

I realize that it requires roughly 21 days to foster a propensity. So I begin picturing my test consistently no less than 3 weeks before a show. I put in an armchair or rests on my bed, shut my eyes, and take 3 truly full breaths. You maintain that should do diaphragmatic breathing, so as you breathe in, feel like your stomach is getting fat. That implies you’re bringing aviation route down into the lower part of your lungs. As you breathe out, feel yourself sinking into the seat or bed.
Imagining your test will assist you with completing two things. In the first place, it will assist you with retaining your test. Also, when you envision the ideal ride, you program your psyche brain to accurately ride. That is on the grounds that when you do “amazing practice” to your eye, your muscles will fire in the right way.

As you imagine, go through your ride step for step. Fill in as much detail as possible. What are you wearing? What does your pony resemble? What does the field resemble? What tone is your coat? What tone are your gloves?
Fill in however many subtleties as you can AND incorporate your faculties. Hear the musicality of the footfalls. Feel the contact with your pony’s mouth. See your pony’s head and neck out before you. Smell the fly splash. Likewise, add feeling to your psychological films. Experience yourself feeling quiet, loose, ready and the concordance of being at one with your pony.

2. Do your test by walking.

Something else I do is that my family room carpet will in general be a square shape, and I leave and focus on and lope out the pieces of the dressage tests as though I were riding them. So I really, and you can do this in a customary dressage field assuming you need, obviously it will require you a long investment to walk, jog and lope around a whole dressage field despite the fact that I have seen individuals do that. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a major rectangular region or simply separate a region and jog down the middle line, do your ends, jog off, plan where you will go, walk where you should walk, lope where you should jog. So you really get an opportunity to rehearse genuinely.

3. Know your test

“advances and in reverse”. The third way that I retain a test is to gain it how it’s composed from the main section to the last salute. However at that point, to know that I “own” that test, I pick any development and ask myself what comes after it. Also, here’s the genuine article that recounts the story, I ask myself, “And what development precedes this development?” So I could say, “What precedes the left lope withdraw?” or “What precedes the free walk?” or “What comes after the run protracting?” When you can pick any point inside the test and you can respond to those two inquiries, you actually own that test. Likewise, assuming that you really do end up blanking out in the center of the test, you’ll have the memorable option where you are without any problem.