9 Key Chapters of the “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle” Book

The Build Your Own Electric Vehicle paperback book by by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant is one of the top selling manual for electric car enthusiasts. Anyone who is planning to convert a gas guzzler to run on pure electricity would need a conversion manual to assist them.

The following are 9 key chapters covered in the Build Your Own Electric Vehicle book:
1) Why electric vehicles are still right for today – In this chapter, the authors pen in their views on the practicality of pure electric car as the transportation vehicle for the masses.

2) Electric vehicles save the environment and energy – In this portion of the book, the authors cover the environmental aspects of using an electric car. Issues such as fuel efficiency, toxic solid waste, power utilities companies, green solution etc are discussed.

3) The history of EV – If you like his history, you will love this chapter. Leitman and Brant go back as far as the 1900 to discuss the time line of the EV history. There are pictures showing one of the first electric car from Detroit Electric Company to the modern Tesla Roaster.

4) The best electric vehicle for you – In this chapter, discussion Entergy  will be made on the nuts and bolts of building your own EV. Readers will be exposed to the idea of buying a ready-to-run car from the manufacturers and getting the service of a custom shop.

5) Chassis and design – This chapter is specially written for the techno geeks. It’s time to bring out your calculator because you will be proving formulas on net weight, acceleration, rolling resistance, aerodynamics, balance, airflow etc.

6) Electric motors – You won’t be able to build your own EV without understanding the electric motor. In this chapter, discussion is made on the science behind the motor such as magnetism, Direct Current, Alternate Current, etc.

7) The Controller – Understanding the brain of the EV. All electric cars need a controller to monitor all its electrical components. For a beginner, you will learn about the different controller such as switch, solid-state, AC, DC, off the shelves, Curtis etc.

8) Batteries – The power source of the electric car. To build your own battery bank, you have to understand the science behind the lead acid battery. To get the best out of the battery bank, you have to find space to store them and link them all together in series.

9) The charger and electrical system – The final part in this EV conversion manual is the discussion on the battery charge and all the electrical system and how everything in linked together. This chapter will brush up your knowledge on electrical engineering.