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If you applied this win/loss record to the National Football League, that performs 18 to 20 regular season games per year, the normal NFL team could win two games per year.

Unlike professional sports coaches, sales managers typically stay out of the action on the sales playing field because they are too busy sitting behind their desks handling sales coaching the administrative affairs of their revenue department. How can the typical sales supervisor get from the sales game while he or she’s too busy working on projections, profit and loss statements, personnel issues, factory politics, and company politics?

If professional sports teams played the exact same manner most sales organizations play with the sales game, NFL quarterbacks would conduct failed play after failed playquarter after quarter after quarter, with no input from trainers. If professional sports teams functioned the same way most sales organizations operate, Major League Baseball pitchers would walk player after player, inning after inning, while supervisors ignored the action and sat behind desks shuffling papers in offices far away from action on the field.

Company seems to be perfectly willing to put up with sales managers that consistently run bad plays. And, as if that isn’t bad enough, company is also ready to keep field sales individuals who always fail to achieve performance goals and earnings projections.

Company does not lead… company follows economical cycles. Because of this, business gets sales people-bloated during good times and proceeds earnings people-lean during tough times. Why?

Because when times are great, company gets greedy and tries to catch every dollar it can by sending a lot of people after what ultimately turns out to be too few opportunities.
And then, when the upcoming economic slowdown occurs, business panics and cuts .
And then, when the inevitable restoration comes together, company gets captured flat-footed and winds up throwing too many individuals at too many opportunities, creating a costly cycle that plays havoc with sales, gains, and people’s lives.

When business loses, it fails to take responsibility for its failures. Instead of looking inside to make necessary alterations and improvements, company tends to blame outside forces including ad agencies, competitions, the authorities, even customers, for its own problems.
Every time a professional sports team loses a game or a season, it doesn’t waste time playing with the blame-game. Professional sports teams require immediate responsibility for their failures. Nothing, not politics, cash, and/or relationships, changes a professional sports team’s motivation to achieve defined performance. Failure to do (Win) causes the team to make immediate changes in management, coaches, players, coaching, or whatever else it takes to turn the team around.