Decorative Storage Boxes – The Creative Way to Get Rid of Clutter and Be Organized

Decorative storage boxes are another type of multifunctional storage boxes. That they are it used to get rid of clutter and makes for an organized home or office is one of its Lumi Beauty Subscription Box  however, it does more than that because by its very name, you can also use these boxes to decorate your living or working spaces.

Inside the house, there are many other uses of decorative storage boxes that you somehow can’t do using an ordinary storage box, for instance, you can use these boxes to organize your jewelries and personal accessories collections. By buying little boxes you can group pieces of jewelry together or you can use one big box to store all your jewelries.

These boxes come in two forms, decorative storage boxes with lids and those without lids. Those with lids can be used as elegant storage for rolls of tissue, stacks of folded napkins, and even your wedding photo album so that you can preserve it’s beauty without necessarily hiding it inside drawers.

Interior designers advise to stack a collection of these boxes that have lids, with a single design that is in various shapes and sizes in a corner of a room to make it pop out and be the focal point. Then while you’re at it, you may put some magazines on the largest box and now that corner and those boxes will become an effective conversation starter when you hold a party in your home.

Avid handicraft enthusiasts are also famous for promoting their use of decorative storage boxes to store their craft supplies and materials inside.

These decorative storage containers can also be used to adorn an otherwise boring office table. Put one on top of your desk and place your pencils, ball pens, and all those other little stuff that commonly clutter office tables and you’ve jump started your very own office table decluttering.

There are two ways that enable you to own one of these boxes, the first way is you can buy the already finished decorative storage boxes from craft stores and other specialty shops. In buying an already decorated box, you must think what room you’re decorating and what will be the use of this box so that you can have a clear picture in your head of what design you’ll buy that will best complement your room.

The second way is for you to unleash your creativity and give new life to that shoebox or hatbox instead of throwing it away, all you need is a great design idea, some crafting odds and ends such as pieces of leather, cloth, beads, ribbons, and many others and the end result is a beautiful box that you yourself can use or give to someone who you think needs “organization” in his or her life.

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