Everything Parents Should Know About Online Gaming

Cyberbullying, harassment, addiction, and security measures are just a few of the issues to keep in mind when your child starts playing online games. However, these issues aren’t limited to online gaming. Parents should also be aware of cyberbullying, if this happens to their child, and set limits on in-game purchases. These limits can be as strict as blocking certain games entirely, or as simple as limiting your child’s access to a specific website or service.


The best way to combat cyberbullying and online gaming is to talk about it. Public discussion of issues like bullying is necessary to help them be dealt with. Consider writing a letter or a blog to the website’s administrator or customer service. Alternatively, you can contact the police if the bullying is severe. But whatever you do, remember that cyberbullying will never go away unless you do something about it. To help protect yourself and your children, start a discussion about it today!


The current climate of harassment in online gaming and esports has been particularly problematic in recent years. States have struggled to address anonymous mob-style harassment, in which an entire group of players expresses vitriol against a single person. However, the industry may be in a better position to deal with this problem. Here are a few steps the gaming industry can take to improve the environment. Read on to learn about these changes.

According to a recent survey by the American Civil Liberties Union, up to 28 percent of adults and nine percent of young people reported encounters with harassment. Although the amount of dollars involved is not particularly high, the impact of hate and harassment is much more meaningful. For instance, one in five online gamers reported depressive or suicidal thoughts after experiencing harassment 꽁머니 Additionally, one in five reported treating others negatively after harassment.


When you ask the question “What is addiction to online gaming?” you are most likely asking on behalf of a friend or loved one. While it may be easy to dismiss the concept as a harmless pastime, online gaming can become an addiction if you play it constantly. If you find that your online gaming time interferes with other aspects of your life, it is probably time to seek professional help. Inpatient facilities may also restrict access to video games.

People who are addicted to online gaming are very likely to spend most of their free time playing games. They may even lie to friends and family to avoid letting anyone know how much time they spend gaming. Addicted people may spend hours on end playing their favorite games. They may even skip eating and sleeping. Eventually, their brains are altered enough that they cannot stop playing. This leads to serious physical and mental issues for those who are addicted to online gaming.

Security measures

There are several security measures that parents should consider when their kids are gaming online. One of the best ways to keep your kids safe is to download reliable antivirus software that can protect your entire household from malicious software. Additionally, you can wrap household web traffic in a reliable VPN to minimize the risk of doxxing. But while these measures will keep your kids safe, true security is based on their digital literacy. Discuss digital literacy with your kids and help them understand the dangers of phishing and online scams.

Another important measure is to talk to your child about the dangers associated with online gaming. Let them know that they should not give out any personal information online or click on links from strangers. Moreover, if possible, go along with your child when they are gaming online. This will enable you to watch them and intervene if they encounter any kind of problem.

Furthermore, you can monitor the interactions between your child and other players.

Time limits

China has issued a notice imposing time limits for online gaming for minors. The gaming companies will only allow users to log on to their accounts for three hours a day during the week and nine hours during weekends. The authorities hope to curb the problem of gaming addiction and to prevent underage users from wasting a great deal of time. To implement the new regulations, game companies will need to leverage a real-name-based registration system to enforce the limits. In 2018, Tencent used this system to limit the time players could play the game Honor of Kings.

The new regulations are a crackdown on Chinese tech giants, aiming to prevent underage gamers from becoming addicted to their online games. The definition of addiction is the constant desire to play a game and the inability to stop. A state-run paper in China recently referred to online gaming as “spiritual opium” before removing the statement. According to the National Press and Publication Administration, game addiction has a profound impact on children’s health. The new rules only apply to online gaming, however, so there is no way to tell whether this policy will also be applied to console games in the future.