five Reasons Why the Winter Kauri Pass Trek Is The Best Winter Trek in India

Not all of us is conscious that India is one of the maximum popular hiking spots in Asia, the purpose of route being the top notch landscapes the Uttaranchal Himalayan tiers provide to us. Trekking in Uttarakhand is an enjoy one ought to now no longer surpass in his lifetime. The motives are many and moreover, the whirlpool of feelings that we stumble upon even as Trekking in Uttarakhand passes is unfathomable in words. Each yr trekkers locate new trails and new heights to scale however if we must searching for thru the Best Winter Treks in India, then the focal point virtually flip closer to the Kauri Pass Trek in Uttarakhand.

The Kauri Pass is a five day trek Treks in India thru the Nandi Devi Sanctuary that hosts many snow-capped peaks of the altitude 7000 m and which connects us with Tibet. It additionally prides in projecting beautiful perspectives of the Himalayan Ranges.

According to the traditions, Kauri represents the phrase Doorway- ‘a doorway’ to the Himalayan Pass this is nestled withinside the Garhwal location of Uttarakhand. This Winter Trek will take you to the south of Tibetan Border of Northern India and passes thru the western rim of Nanda Devi Sanctuary Biosphere Reserve and eventually the path ends on the Chamoli District. The Kuari Pass became pioneered withinside the 1900 and is likewise called The Curzon Trail, named after the then British Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, who climbed the Pass.

Here are the five motives why the Kauri Pass is called the Best Winter Trek in India:

Easy Winter Trek:
If you’re a start-up or a newbie in hiking, but searching ahead to scale the snow-included mountains withinside the iciness, the Kauri Pass is the only for you. The trek is nearly threat unfastened for the reason that altitude completed isn’t better than 12, 500 ft. Its slight altitude paperwork an smooth and secure iciness trek for mountaineers and with the proper quantity of snow, this trek is ideal for an creation to snow hiking.

Pristine snow-capped mountains and extraordinary landscapes:
The loss of altitude is fantastically compensated via way of means of the extraordinary perspectives of the alpine forests, blizzard, tenting withinside the snow and the beautiful variety of landscapes of Uttarakhand. Garhwal is thought for its majestic locales and you may enjoy it in Auli and Gorson at its complete form.

Circular hiking path:
The Kauri Pass is a round path; therefore the possibilities of having misplaced or wandering off is out of question. Also the path gives a number of possibility to relaxation and experience the photogenic perspectives.

Most scenic tenting floor:
The slight blizzard gives a really perfect tenting floor in Gorson, Khullara and Chitrakantha. Mt. Dronagiri, Changabang and Kalaanka and Oak Tapovan are few of the outstanding points of interest here.