Greencarbonate Greenhouses.

I have to confess, Greenhouses Polycarbonate is my choice every time above the greenhouse of glass. I like the appearance of a glass greenhouse, and I understand that they have their place and purpose. But, I am more than a form following the functions of farmers.

We started using Polycarbonate in our local installation business in the early 90’s. Then our choice is 8mm Clear Twinwall and 16mm Clear Triplewall. Oh, there are also bronze and opal. None of them serves many アクリル板 光拡散 goals for greenhouses because of low light transmission (usually 30% to 50%). So, being in Deep South, we usually choose to clean 8mm. 16mm is more expensive, and we really don’t have the need for extra isolation.

Most of the hobby greenhouse kits today offer a choice of 2mm Clear Twinwall, 8mm Clear Twinwall, 8mm Clear Triplewall, 16mm Triplewall and 16mm 5 Polycarbonate Wall. Some manufacturers will offer special polycarbonates as an upgrade.

If you build your own greenhouse frame, there are many choices for you to choose. There are polycarbonate specialties such as Lexan Thermoclear plus softlite, which offers 100% light diffusion. Also, there are Solexx glass materials that offer 72 – 77% soft disfusion light. Although, Solexx is polyethylene than polycarbonate. Polygal offers 8mm polycoolite which reduces excessive heat while allowing high quality and quantity of photosynthetic light. There are sheets such as Lexan Thermoclear Plus which has a higher warranty than most of the polycarbonate sheets. All I can say is that the option has changed a lot in the last 20 years.

Greenhouses polycarbonate does have one fall that I can think of. If you want to stand outside and see what’s inside clearly, you can’t. Stare at the tip of the polycarbonate sheet like looking at the end of the cardboard box. You have sheets outside, sheets on the inside and ribs that run between sheets. In cardboard, the ribs will be wavy. In the polycarbonate sheet ribs will be straight between two outside sheets. The ribs are those who distort your view. I have a beautiful red begonia that I brought to my polycarbonate greenhouse year after year, until finally he gave up. From the outside I could see green leaves and red flowers, but I couldn’t tell you whether it was impatien, geranium, etc.

Most polycarbonates (make sure to check with manufacturers) will have a warranty that it will not vary in light transmission of more than 6% in ten years. Which is a fancy way to say it won’t change color or fragile. It also has a ten-year warranty against damage to the hail. Polycarbonate is a very good choice for glass house glass.