Known for their languid movements and adorable faces, the three-toed sloth is a favorite animal among kids

Gift your baby, toddler, or child one of these irresistibly cute sloth stuffed animal. To cuddle with a real three-toed sloth, you may have to venture into the rainforests of South America.

Luckily, snuggling with a plush sloth is easy, thanks to our top picks on this list.

Babies, toddlers, and kids will love wrapping their arms around these adorable plush sloths. These stuffed animals have charming lifelike expressions, as well as realistic features of the real three-toed sloth, including a fuzzy brown body and long arms for swinging from branch to branch.

Best Overall Plushy

This cuddly, hanging sloth plushie measures 30-inches from top to bottom. Just like a real sloth, it can hang from just about anywhere thanks to its long arms. You can Velcro this cuddly guy’s hands together, and he can hang from a bedframe, backpack, or doorknob, or he can hang on to you wherever you go. This stuffed animal’s realistic features mimic the wild animal it is modeled after.

Best Fabric

Perfect for snuggling, this plush three-toed sloth measures 20-inches tall in its sitting position and 30-inches when outstretched. This stuffed animal’s natural features include long arms and toes, accurate facial markings, and a fuzzy brown coat, just like the three-toed sloth you can find in the wild.

Best Slothicorn

For something a little bit different than the typical three-toed sloth, your child can play with the mythical Slothicorn. Its dazzling soft fur is a mesmerizing turquoise color, and its fluffy mane shines with sparkly accents. Not to mention the Slothicorn with an iridescent rainbow horn giving it a whimsical flair. Your child will love playing with this unique, adorable character.

Stuffed animals offer comfort and security to children, and their soft, snuggly bodies are great for hugging and playing with. If your kid has an affinity to sloths – or any cute animal – they’ll love cuddling with these sloth plushies. An excellent gift for kids, these sloths are sure to become your child’s new best friend!

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