Limited Edition Rubik’s Cube – Not Your Usual Rubik’s Cube


For more than 20 years, Rubik’s cube has received tremendous response throughout the Earth. It has been estimated that there puzzle cube are more than 300million Rubik’s cube in this world. However, whenever we are talking about Rubiks cube, people will think of the cliche cube with yellow,blue,white,red,green and orange colors. Many of them do not know that there are rare Rubik’s cube that we cannot find in Walmart or any other nearby shopping malls. Here, I would like to share some limited editions that you have never seen before. You can see the pictures of these limited edition Rubik’s cube in my website.

Firstly, one of my favorite Rubik’s cube is the Pittsburgh Steelers edition. Pittsburgh Steelers is a professional American football team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is one of the product of the team-themed series. One of the reason I like the Pittsburgh Steelers Rubik’s cube is because of its bright yellow color. The whole six sides of the cube have different Pittsburgh Steelers design printed on it. One of the sides if full with Pittsburgh Steelers team logo, very attractive indeed.

Another favorite of mine is the Boston Red Sox edition. This is another product of the team-themed series. Just for your information, Boston Red Sox is one of the most successful professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The team name is self-explanatory, you can imagine that the whole Rubik’s cube is in red color, and one of the sides is full with red-colored socks. This cube is really very colorful and attractive.

These Rubik’s cubes are actually very good collectibles because they are only out for a limited time only. Therefore, if you love Rubik’s cube, you should consider buy one or two for your collection. Each limited edition Rubik’s cube is designed with attractive color and graphic, therefore, the cubes can be used for decoration too.

If you are bored with the normal Rubik’s cube or you find that normal Rubik’s cube is not challenging enough. You can try to get one of these limited editions. When you are holding the cube, you will surely have a different feeling because your brain is not trained to handle graphical Rubik’s cube. Therefore, you will not be able to apply the normal Rubik’s cube solution or algorithm easily. If you are a Rubik’s cube expert, you will start to get be with the new puzzle cube again.

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