Monster Lobster Robot for Border Patrol

I propose a Giant Walking Robot for line watch and for automated reconnaissance of basic foundation or army installations. I recommend that these units be at first run tele-mechanically like the Predator Drones and in the end later the DARPA Challenge II totally independently later that innovation comes on line. Up to that point these units will have order and control focuses monitored with administrators.

Here is a test system, which we can use for the order and control salvage focus:

I likewise recommend that the feet contain empty cylinders and are made of new super advanced composites which have monster vacuum tubes in them customer service robot which suck up the sand or soil each time they get their feet to forestall making residue and offering their situations to the individuals who these units are keeping an eye out for. I suggest that these units be covered with negative particle materials, which will likewise gather the residue, sand or soil of the most closest territory. As the unit ignores the land and the progressions from soil to woodland or from sand to mud the neighborhood territory will adhere to the covering on the unit and consequently keep up with disguise and change with the scene. This element won’t be required when the area is steady where the strolling robot will be conveyed.

Strolling advancements are utilized in ranger service for least harm to woodland. With this strolling unit, brought down pilots can be saved without location and without gambling more individuals. The region where the pilot will be put will be an inflatable growing lodge with assurance from little arms fire. A 50 Caliber Machine Gun can likewise be connected if fundamental. Ranger service strolling innovations have a fascinating ongoing history.