The Process of Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

One of the growing trends in drug treatment is the rise of holistic drug rehab programs throughout the country. The holistic approach to drug recovery incorporates elements of mind, body and spirit into traditional centers to combat drug addiction. Holistic treatments can be included in dealing with dependencies such as heroin, cocaine, addiction to prescription drugs and recreational illegal drugs. Remember, that many drug rehab programs will have you go through a detox so you can deal with the withdrawal symptoms more easily.

These can involve tapering down as well as substitutions to ease the body through the transition. You’ll also be getting support, counseling and new tools to deal with the underlying anxiety that triggers the cravings.

Nutritional Therapy

Proper nutrition is a key factor in the rehabilitation process. It is what allows the body to detoxify as well as heal itself from the effects of drug use. A holistic approach to diet and nutrition is intended to restore the brain and the rest of the body to the optimal level of functioning. Proper nutrition for each individual is different. For some it may be beneficial to remove all foods that contain additives and/or preservatives.

Vitamins and Herbs

Addicts may need to adopt a speciald diet to help eliminate the toxins stored in their bodies from not only their drug habit, but also poor eating habits they may have adopted while they were using. Examples of detox diet foods, herbs and vitamins are:

Onions and Garlic – helps eliminate harmful metals from the body

Dandelion Root – increases the flow of bile to aid in digestion

Vitamin C – A water-soluble vitamin, Vitamin C may help decrease side effects of detox, such as headache or nausea

Milk Thistle – an antioxidant, assists in liver cell regeneration

Support System

Successfully making Clínica de Recuperação em Camaçari it through the recovery process is something that requires support. Since drug rehabilitation is both mental and physical the process can be totally draining as the person has to detoxify, get healthy as well as recover from the mental and emotional effects of their habit. The elimination of negative thinking and influences from the individual are essentiall to the creation of a new, drug-free life. Without support and understanding the success of the recovery of the individual is greatly reduced. Some people with drug addictions suffer from what psychiatric issues such as bipolar disorder or major depression disorder. When you have a dual diagnosis of a substance abuse problem with a mental health illness, treatment needs to be tailored to address this.


Holistic drug rehabilitation centers may also provide massage, yoga, meditation, as well as other relaxation techniques to aid in the recovery process. Many professional rehabilitation clinics will incorporate a “higher power” into the recovery process or encourage spiritual development for a recovering addict. In addition to a support system, a person in recovery needs to be able to find support within themselves. Practices that develop a connection between mind, body and spirit are encouraged. Some examples of these practices are Tai-Chi, Yoga, Meditation, and dance.