Tips for expats on how to find a good rental apartment

Contact local agencies when looking for cheap apartments in Spain

Many in the UK will be used to finding an apartment for rent, some people may have gone through an agency, some not, but to find a high quality rental apartment in Spain you have to go to an agency. While the idea of ​​paying someone to find you a place to live may seem foreign to you, this is simply how everyone finds apartments for rent in Spain. Of course, there are some areas where it is possible to find an apartment in perfect condition without the help of an agency; however, this will require a lot more work on your part. You can try to evade agencies by searching the Internet to find apartments for rent in Spain; however, you will soon find that most of these apartments are connected to an agency, even when they don’t explicitly say so. There is really no need to avoid using an agency, the rates are very reasonable and the agencies generally have new and superior apartments. Solve the problems in your search for rental apartments for rent

When looking for apartments in Spain, you will often find that two bedroom apartments are much nicer than one bedroom apartments than what you are paying for rent. So instead of moving to one-bedroom apartments for rent that don’t have all the amenities you might want, find a roommate. There are some places on the internet where you can find very healthy Spanish roommates and rental markets. Just place an ad on one of those sites and you’ll usually find that within a day or two, you’ll have a new roommate. This allows you to rent accommodation with all the amenities you want, but at a fraction of the price you’d pay to rent a one-bedroom apartment on your own. Be clear about what you want from your vacation rental

Although landlords in the UK can often be inflexible in their rental conditions, this is not true of landlords offering apartments for rent in Spain. You will often find that the Spanish owners are very accommodating, for example:

· If you think the rent should be a little lower. · If you want to have an unfurnished and furnished apartment. If you want to extend the contract.
Just ask the owner, you won’t  apartments for rent in accra always get what you want, but asking costs nothing and these small considerations could make a big difference to your happiness. Always remember that they want to rent the property as much as you want to rent it.

John Maher is a real estate consultant and freelance writer in Spain. His interest in the real estate sector is a passion and his technical competence comes from both his education and his experience. He is a real estate professional with the Spanish online property shop, a website that specializes in buying and selling villas, apartments, houses and homes in Spain.