Tips on How to Sell Your Digital Photo Online

It’s no surprise that professional photographers can be expensive, which is why some people would rather make use of stock photo sites than pay this cost. Stock photo sites accept photos submitted by professionals and amateurs alike, which is why this can be a truly a legitimate business that can be done at your own spare time.

To do this does not require that you have an expensive or professional camera, as a matter of fact a fairly good digital camera that is at least up to 3 mega pixels will do. The sites that you can submit photos to are called stock photo sites, and how they help you make money from your photo is by allowing users to download photos from their site for a fee. A percentage of this fee goes to them to cover administration cost while the lion share goes to you. There is no limit to how many times your photos can be downloaded, so in actual fact you get paid for as long as your photo remains on their site and is downloaded. In some cases also you can sell the right to your photo in which case you get a one time payment which is a lot more than what you get paid for a one time download.

Some of the people who make use of stock photo sites and as such will be the people paying you are; advertisers, eBay sellers, scrap bookers, illustrators, students, designers, interior decorators and many more who require photos for their work and at short notice too. It is preferable for these people to use stock photo sites because of the large data base of pictures which in turn leads to a wide range of choice. So the more digital photos you submit the more money you stand to make from your pictures been downloaded.

The stock photo sites however will have to approve the photos you submit before they are added to their market place. To get your picture approved and downloaded more often, you must ensure that you submit pictures that are clear and without smudges. Pictures with trademarks and close range faces will need accompanying documents to show that you have obtained permission to submit the person’s face or trademark.