What Are Betting Loads

Forecast in bets is a change in quotes, which is associated with a sharp increase in the number of bets and the funds placed on a particular outcome of the match 파워볼오토. The bookmaker is forced to reduce the coefficient, increasing the opposite, in order to protect against significant losses.

Let’s imagine that bettors ‘ bets are divided equally on the total odds and even. If there is a sharp jump and 80% is put on “even” instead of 50%, then the office will immediately increase quotes to “odd” in order to reduce the risks. Instead of equiprobable odds of 1.95-1.95, you get about 1.55-2.55. Bookmaker line loading is when much more is placed on  one outcome than on the opposite option.

Types of loads. Reasons for the appearance

Fixed match – betting on such events, even if they were detected, is not recommended. In the best case, the rate will be calculated as a refund and you will get your money back. Geographical or territorial load – arises from the preferences of the fans. Such overloads are found at world championships, when fans of their team are actively betting on the success of their favorites. As a result, bookmakers have to lower their quotes in order not to burn out. A certain country may be stronger, but it is home to several million people, while the population of the rival state is 50-150 million.

The wow effect or amateur load occurs when a lot of bets are placed on a clear favorite. Novice players want easy money. Many without hesitation bet on the triumph of the grand for a coefficient of 1.2-1.3, after which a collapse occurs and it drops to 1.05-1.09.

Professional or smart loading can be triggered by a large single player bet or after a popular capper has offered customers a certain bet option. Players bet according to the forecast with same 유로88, and the office is forced to react to transactions by changing the odds.


To identify downloads, use special sites, for example, oddsportal.com or hot-odds.com. Services show changes in quotes, provide information on the amount of money wagered on the outcome.

There is nothing complicated about loading bets, but this does not mean that you need to use all significant loads. The bottom line is that playing only on loaded quotes or against a load, you cannot make a profit over a long distance. It is necessary to regularly analyze events and bet both against the load and against it.