What Is a Dive Watch?

The massive majority of reasonably priced and costlier watches manufactured currently sustain some degree of drinking water resistance rating. The drinking water resistance ranking is determined because of the gaskets that variety a watertight seal between the back and circumstance from the observe, the kind of sealant utilized to protected the crystal to the case Aqua star and the fabric from which the situation is produced.

The International Corporation for Standardization (ISO) has produced specifications by which the h2o resistance is rated in accordance with the depth and actions for which a specific view could possibly be suited. Additionally they prohibit classification of the enjoy as “water resistant”, a normal adopted by most countries.

ISO 2281 Typical

The tests defined from the ISO 2281 regular are insufficient to qualify a observe as well suited for scuba diving or saturation diving (combined-gas). Watches meeting the ISO 2281 conventional are ideal for everyday wear and have a water resistance rating for doing exercises and surface swimming. Regardless that They could be worn underneath diverse temperature and strain situations, they do not qualify to be used for scuba diving.

ISO 6425 Common

The assessments outlined by the ISO 6425 common are utilised to find out the rating for a dive check out. All watches must be tested in static (still) h2o at a hundred twenty five% on the rated h2o resistance. A watch using a drinking water resistance score of two hundred meters have to be h2o-resistant at 250 meters of static drinking water when stationary. Tests beneath the ISO 6425 criteria are fundamentally distinct than tests demanded by ISO 2281. Each individual look at need to be entirely analyzed and meet a minimum ranking of 100 meters.

ISO 6425 also establishes eight least specifications for mechanical dive watches well suited for scuba diving and two supplemental requirements for blended-gasoline saturation diving. Quartz and electronic watches have a bit unique readability specifications.

Ratings and Activity Suitability

The h2o resistance scores and pursuits for which They’re suited are shown below: a. 30 – fifty Meters – Washing, showering and lightweight swimming b. a hundred Meters – Swimming, sailing, snorkeling and recreational surfing c. two hundred Meters – Critical surface h2o sports activities, Expert marine exercise and scuba diving at depths not demanding helium gas. d. 300 Meters – Saturation diving (helium enriched atmosphere). Watches certified for helium blended-gas diving have supplemental identifying markings.

Some look at makers’ measure depth in toes, atmospheres (ATM’s) and bars rather then meters. Toes and meters measure the depth to which a view can be submerged safely. Bars and ATM’s measure the static drinking water stress where a observe may be submerged.


Don’t be fooled from the statements of some watches to be a dive observe. Only These watches that fulfill ISO 6425 tests criteria and procure a drinking water resistance ranking of 200 meters must be considered as a dive view.