When Might Online Therapy Be a Good Choice for You?

Online treatment (also referred to as Internet therapy, distance treatment, cyber therapy or e-therapy) is used to describe the wide range of ways a professional counselor or psychotherapist can communicate with you on the web or phone. It may include emotional support, mental health information or the exact same professional services clients receive in face-to-face therapy. It could be as visit website brief as one question, or a continuing conversation. It may take the form of e-mail, chat, video as well as Internet telephone (voice-over-IP).

Online therapy is not the same as conventional face-to-face psychotherapy. There are some people it won’t work as well for. But, there is mounting evidence that it is extremely effective for a few. An Australian writer, Gavin Andrews, recently published a study in Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry that indicates that Internet-based treatments are as successful as conventional methods in curing depression.

Also significant is how many more people need treatment than those that are already receiving it. For all the stigma associated with seeking mental health care still gets in the way, or trust issues make it tough to sit with someone in person while revealing private details. Online treatment may also feel safer or just like a fantastic first step for people who feel overwhelmed at the prospect of seeking help and the confidence dangers involved. By way of instance, a number of sexual abuse survivors report that they believe too fearful to find a therapist in person, at least at the first stages of their healing. It may be much less frightening for them to obtain therapy online from the safety and familiarity of their own home.

In considering the possibility of internet Therapy it’s crucial to consider the possible advantages and regions of concern. The following lists are not all inclusive but give you a beginning point.