Why massage at a 5 star hotel spa is so bad

You would be surprised to say that these five-star hotels deliberately emphasize this poor quality. Please wash.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, these hotels are first class in terms of services, atmosphere and facilities other than the spa. Why doesn’t it get in the way of hiring a massage therapist who has just graduated from school?
Easy to train for your “spa culture”
I’m sure there are more reasons than I mentioned. For example, these five-star hotels impress new graduate massage therapists, who are fascinated by working in such a prestigious luxury spa. When that is achieved, they add a lot of “employee benefits” to make your public think “wow” that I’m special. By design, someone has to pay for the soft garment.
These 5-star hotels are very smart and familiar with the industry. By the way, they avoid hiring experienced masseurs. This masseuse knows that he is probably “engaged” and does not work at such a low wage. For example,  Hotel spa alsace these hotels lose a lot of money when hiring a veteran massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue and provides that massage to all guests. Advanced massage therapists can also find problems and spend more time there that guests did not pay. Let me explain, did you notice how much they cost for a Swedish spa massage for only 50 minutes, and when you get something extra (eg aromatherapy, reflexology, deep tissue or scalp massage) Did you notice how much the price goes up? I will talk to your friends. If you’ve been to a hotel for a massage, you know what I’m talking about. A 50 minute aromatherapy deep tissue massage with a tip easily costs over $ 200 and it all goes to your hotel. Your masseuse may be lucky enough to get 15-18% of that total.
Veteran massage therapists, on the other hand, may encounter issues that require additional attention and may not care if the client only paid for the massage from the Hotel Signature Spa. Experienced massage therapists are well aware that this spa business offers far higher tips than what you receive from the hotel per hour. Your veteran massage therapist will be more customer service oriented than your newly graduated massage therapist is more likely to do what you need until you are smarter.
All fluff and dust free, 5 star atmosphere, 2 star massage service

Despite their reputation here at stake, I’m surprised that these five-star hotels don’t want to get the highest quality, experienced massage therapists in their salaries. I don’t know how many times a guest at a particular hotel came and was disappointed. Do you think these spas can attract you as a regular win just for fluff? But if you like fluff, can I tell you the names of many places to